Is Short Track The Future?

Xterra to introduce professional short track racing This year the Czech republic will not only host the Xterra European Championships, but will be the first

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Preparing for the swim

Pro athlete nicole walters talks us through her pre race swim session When it comes to off road triathlon the swim is the section of

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Review: Gaerne G-Kona MTB > Triathlon Off Road Shoe

Overall:  A good shoe for off road multisport events.

If you’ve done a few off road triathlon or duathlon races, the chances are you have asked the question what bike shoes do you use? Normal MTB shoes, triathlon shoes, or is there something out there specifically for the job? Well yes there are specific off road triathlon shoes out there but in my experience they are like gold dust to get your hands on. After trawling the internet and sending multiple emails I eventually got my hands on a pair of Gaerne’s G-Kona MTB-Triathlon shoes. I’ve had them for nearly 6 months now and have put them to the test in training and racing so are they up to the job?….

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Cross Triathlon FAQ

More and more people are discovering the world of off road triathlon. Be it roadies looking for their next challenge or those completely knew to

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ADVENTURE:XTERRA TAWIAN 🇹🇼 If you are looking for adventure, then look no further than Xterra Taiwan. Despite being a relatively new race on the Xterra

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