12week Single Event Training Plan


The single event plan is perfect for athletes looking for 12 weeks of progressive training towards a key event but without the need for a completely tailored solution. If you’re happy managing your own schedule, then these plans are a great option.  These training plans are written specifically for Cross Triathlon or Duathlon events, building the unique components of fitness required for off road competition.

The plans have been written by Doug Hall, the UK’s only XTERRA accredited coach. Recognised by XTERRA for his coaching expertise in developing Off Road Triathletes around the world.

There are three levels of plan available for both Cross Triathlon and Cross Duathlon.

Beginner: These plans are perfect for anyone looking to complete their first off road event or just looking to try something new to improve their fitness. Typical weekly training volume is around 6 hours a week.

Intermediate: These plans are great for anyone with some off-road experience, perhaps you’ve done your first event and are looking to improve second time around. These plans would also be a great starting point for an experienced road triathlete looking to try something new. Typical weekly training volume 8 hours a week.

Advanced: These plans are for experienced Off Road athletes with several races under their belt. The volume and intensity of the training reflects this. Typical weekly training volume 12 hours a week.