Personalised Training Plan

£65.00 / month

Our personalised coaching is the best way to get the most out of yourself when training for racing off road. A training plan 100% customised around you and your goals, supported by unlimited communication, allowing total flexibility when it comes to fitting training around real life! Racing off Road requires a very different type of fitness compared to our tarmac-based friends, as such the training is tailored specifically for the demands of Off Road Racing.

The coaching is delivered by Doug Hall, the UK’s only XTERRA accredited coach. Recognised by XTERRA for his coaching expertise in developing Off Road Triathletes around the world.

Strength and conditioning, injury prevention/rehab and nutrition support is provided by Nicole Walters as required by each individual athlete.

Every athlete is different, so every training plan is different. Whether you’re looking to medal at a world championship or training for your first off road experience, all our plans are based around three key concepts;

  1. Collaboration: It’s a team effort! It’s not just read and repeat, progression requires open and honest feedback from both parties,

  2. Simplicity: Marginal gains have their place, but maximum gains come from a good routine, sensible decisions, and consistency.

  3. Fun: You’re supposed to enjoy this! Sessions designed to challenge, stimulate and reward.


If you need any more information, please contact or call +44 (0) 7921671737

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