Nerding over XTerra Czech

[Featured Image courtesy of Carel Du Plessis / XTERRA Europe]

What a race!

XTERRA Czech played host to the 2019 XTERRA European championships. With over 70 elite athletes racing across a varied course with changable weather conditions, it made for an exciting race. There were constant changes in both the men’s and women’s events right up until the finish line.

Interestingly despite XTERRA generally favoring mountain bikers, both races were won with a ‘come from behind’ run.   

We dig deep into the data, using the results posted on SportsSoft to see how it all happened. 

The perfect race

The Perfect Race

I pulled the fastest splits across the day to see how fast the ‘perfect race’ would be. Interestingly the difference between the actual winning time was not as big as I thought it might be.

Swim BOZZATO Matteo00:19:53 WALTERS Nicole00:21:47
T1 SERRIERES Arthur00:00:42 SLATER Penny00:00:46
Bike split 1 RUZAFA CUETO Ruben00:48:26 DUVOISIN Loanne00:57:53
Bike split 2 RUZAFA CUETO Ruben00:36:43 RIOU Morgane00:44:10
T2 FORISSIER Arthur00:00:45 DUVOISIN Loanne00:00:57
Run split 1 SERRIERES Arthur00:15:55 RIOU Morgane00:19:02
Run split 2 SERRIERES Arthur00:04:44 RIOU Morgane00:05:25
Run split 3 SERRIERES Arthur00:15:50 RIOU Morgane00:19:13
Run split 4 SERRIERES Arthur00:04:58 GARCÍA Eva00:05:54
 Actual Winning time02:31:42Actual Winning time03:01:03

*Its worth mentioning Helena Karaskova posted the fastest female bike time, but not the fastest individual sectors. 

Men: How it unfolded

Playing around with the graph reveals just how much the race changed throughout the day! 

Notable points;

  • The racing was very chaotic during the bike. There were more changes in position here than anywhere else. 
  • There were no big jumps in position during the run with athletes gaining/loosing 3 spots at most with the exception of Van Deynze who left T2 in 22nd place and finished in 15th. 
  • After exiting the water in 29th and 33rd, Xavier Dafflon & Jens Nielsen made up some huge ground over the mtb and continued to move forward on the run. 
  • Max Chane was the only athlete to never drop out of the top 5 all day showing consistency across all disciplines.
  • Ruben Ruzafa almost had the perfect race. A front pack swim before leading the race right up until the last split. 

Women: How it unfolded

Notable points;

  • Similar to the men’s race the majority of the position changes happened on the bike.
  • All of the top three women had to pass 2 competitors on the run in order to reach the podium.
  • The reason is unclear (mechanical?), but Ladina Buss gained 9 places in the first bike sector, before loosing 9 places in the second sector.  
  • With the exception of a speedy T1, Penny Slater spent all day in 6th place! 

Sector Breakdown


Men Women 
 BOZZATO Matteo00:19:53 WALTERS Nicole00:21:47
 CHANE Maxim00:20:21 ALLEN Jacqui00:21:48
 ALLEN Ben00:20:21 ĎURDIAKOVÁ Tereza00:22:07
 BOUTTE Mathurin00:20:22 POÓR Brigitta00:22:44
 MAIA Tiago00:20:23 CALLEJA Maria00:22:57


Men Women 
 SERRIERES Arthur00:00:42 SLATER Penny00:00:46
 VAN DEYNZE Lucas00:00:42 DUVOISIN Loanne00:00:47
 ALLEN Ben00:00:43 RIOU Morgane00:00:49
 CHANE Maxim00:00:43 ALLEN Jacqui00:00:50
 FORISSIER Félix00:00:45 PERONCINI Eleonora00:00:50

Bike Sector 1

Men Women 
 RUZAFA CUETO Ruben00:48:26 DUVOISIN Loanne00:57:53
 DAFFLON Xavier00:48:39 KARÁSKOVÁ ERBENOVÁ Helena00:58:57
 WEISS Bradley00:48:51 BUSS Ladina00:58:59
 FORISSIER Arthur00:49:34 RIOU Morgane00:59:03
 CARLONI Francois00:49:55 SPANGSBERG Janni00:59:06

Bike Sector 2

Men Women 
 RUZAFA CUETO Ruben00:36:43 RIOU Morgane00:44:10
 CARABIN Sébastien00:36:53 KARÁSKOVÁ ERBENOVÁ Helena00:44:15
 NIELSEN Jens Emil00:37:14 PERONCINI Eleonora00:45:04
 DAFFLON Xavier00:37:17 ALLEN Jacqui00:45:43
 FORISSIER Arthur00:37:22 BOLZAN Matide00:46:15

Total bike

Men Women 
 RUZAFA CUETO Ruben01:25:09 KARÁSKOVÁ ERBENOVÁ Helena01:43:12
 DAFFLON Xavier01:25:57 RIOU Morgane01:43:13
 WEISS Bradley01:26:35 PERONCINI Eleonora01:44:11
 FORISSIER Arthur01:26:56 ALLEN Jacqui01:45:03
 CARABIN Sébastien01:27:01 BOLZAN Matide01:47:08


Men Women 
 FORISSIER Arthur00:00:45 DUVOISIN Loanne00:00:57
 SERRIERES Arthur00:00:46 KARÁSKOVÁ ERBENOVÁ Helena00:00:58
 RUZAFA CUETO Ruben00:00:48 PERONCINI Eleonora00:00:58
 CHANE Maxim00:00:50 POÓR Brigitta00:01:02
 LEHMANN Peter00:00:51 SLATER Penny00:01:02

Run Sector 1

Men Women 
 SERRIERES Arthur00:15:55 RIOU Morgane00:19:02
 FORISSIER Arthur00:16:33 GARCÍA Eva00:19:03
 FORISSIER Félix00:16:51 DUVOISIN Loanne00:19:17
 DAFFLON Xavier00:17:03 KARÁSKOVÁ ERBENOVÁ Helena00:19:28
 RUZAFA CUETO Ruben00:17:12 MENDITTO Marta00:20:18

Run sector 2

Men Women 
 SERRIERES Arthur00:04:44 RIOU Morgane00:05:25
 FORISSIER Arthur00:04:44 GARCÍA Eva00:05:26
 FORISSIER Félix00:04:54 DUVOISIN Loanne00:05:37
 WEISS Bradley00:05:00 KARÁSKOVÁ ERBENOVÁ Helena00:05:40
 DAFFLON Xavier00:05:00 MENDITTO Marta00:05:46

Run sector 3

Men Women 
 SERRIERES Arthur00:15:50 RIOU Morgane00:19:13
 RUZAFA CUETO Ruben00:17:11 DUVOISIN Loanne00:19:22
 WEISS Bradley00:17:13 GARCÍA Eva00:19:32
 FLEURETON Cedric00:17:16 KARÁSKOVÁ ERBENOVÁ Helena00:19:36
 DAFFLON Xavier00:17:21 ĎURDIAKOVÁ Tereza00:20:37

Run sector 4

Men Women 
 SERRIERES Arthur00:04:58 GARCÍA Eva00:05:54
 FLEURETON Cedric00:05:18 KARÁSKOVÁ ERBENOVÁ Helena00:05:54
 VAN DEYNZE Lucas00:05:20 DUVOISIN Loanne00:06:00
 LEHMANN Peter00:05:22 ĎURDIAKOVÁ Tereza00:06:11
 RUZAFA CUETO Ruben00:05:22 RIOU Morgane00:06:17

Run Total

Men Women 
 SERRIERES Arthur00:41:26 GARCÍA Eva00:49:55
 RUZAFA CUETO Ruben00:44:52 RIOU Morgane00:49:57
 FLEURETON Cedric00:44:54 DUVOISIN Loanne00:50:17
 DAFFLON Xavier00:44:55 KARÁSKOVÁ ERBENOVÁ Helena00:50:39
 FORISSIER Arthur00:45:08 ĎURDIAKOVÁ Tereza00:52:56