How to fuel better when Racing Off Road

Fueling during a race

Getting your energy intake right during a race can make or break your day. This article will take you through the what, how much, when and how of fueling to ensure you enjoy your race!

Exercises for ankle stability

There is a more to trail running than putting one foot in front of the other, especially if you want to go fast. Roots, rocks, loose and uneven surfaces will put more stress on your ankles than running on tarmac. Most of your stability will come from a strong core and glutes, but it is […]

Preparing for the swim

Pro athlete nicole walters talks us through her pre race swim session When it comes to off road triathlon the swim is the section of the race that remains largely consistent across different races. You can expect a swim of around 1500m with the differences coming from the number of laps and the body of […]

Review: Gaerne G-Kona MTB

Overall:  A good shoe for off road multisport events.

If you’ve done a few off road triathlon or duathlon races, the chances are you have asked the question what bike shoes do you use? Normal MTB shoes, triathlon shoes, or is there something out there specifically for the job? Well yes there are specific off road triathlon shoes out there but in my experience they are like gold dust to get your hands on. After trawling the internet and sending multiple emails I eventually got my hands on a pair of Gaerne’s G-Kona MTB-Triathlon shoes. I’ve had them for nearly 6 months now and have put them to the test in training and racing so are they up to the job?….

Cross Triathlon FAQ

More and more people are discovering the world of off road triathlon. Be it roadies looking for their next challenge or those completely knew to triathlon looking for their next adventure. This is a quick FAQ to introduce you to some useful information for taking part in your first race. If you have any other […]

ITU Cross Champs. A look at the numbers.

This isn’t your usual post race write up, but one I am sure the numbers/ techy peeps amongst you will love. For the purpose of this, I am specifically talking about the mountain bike section of the race, ignoring swimming and running and will take a little look into some of the data collected from […]