Strength Training Plans

Race Off Road provides personalised strength programs for XTERRA, cross triathlon, trail running and mountain biking. All sessions are delivered via an easy-to-follow app with descriptions and videos of exercises.

Strength forms an important part of training for endurance athletes, particularly those placing a large amount of stress on the body when racing off road. Many don’t like the idea of sacrificing precious swim/bike/run time to go to the gym, however, it is one of the most effective ways to ensure you stay strong and injury-free. An increase in muscular strength can benefit your racing in many ways from improving mobility and movement efficiency to increasing fatigue resistance.

Sessions are personalised to your current experience and the equipment that you have available, taking into account any previous injuries and areas that you would like to work on. We schedule your sessions around your other training and commitments, and like any training, your strength program is periodised around your racing goals.

£50 per month

50% discount when combined with a Personal Training Plan

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