How to train for a Cross Triathlon in two weeks

How to train for Cross Triathlon in two weeks

How to train for a cross triathlon in two weeks. Simply put, you can’t! You’re unlikely to make any meaningful fitness gains with 14 days to go. You’re better off looking at other ways to train for Cross Triathlon. We list our top tips on how to train for a cross triathlon in two weeks. […]

How to fuel better when Racing Off Road

Fueling during a race

Getting your energy intake right during a race can make or break your day. This article will take you through the what, how much, when and how of fueling to ensure you enjoy your race!

Simple tips for trail running

Trail running is one of the fastest growing sports in the UK and Europe. More and more runners are leaving behind the tarmac in search of new off-road challenges in beautiful surroundings, where speeds and distances become irrelevant and its just about you, exploring the path you’re running on and where it might go. We’ve […]

Exercises for ankle stability

There is a more to trail running than putting one foot in front of the other, especially if you want to go fast. Roots, rocks, loose and uneven surfaces will put more stress on your ankles than running on tarmac. Most of your stability will come from a strong core and glutes, but it is […]

Preparing for the swim

Pro athlete nicole walters talks us through her pre race swim session When it comes to off road triathlon the swim is the section of the race that remains largely consistent across different races. You can expect a swim of around 1500m with the differences coming from the number of laps and the body of […]

Cross Triathlon FAQ

More and more people are discovering the world of off road triathlon. Be it roadies looking for their next challenge or those completely knew to triathlon looking for their next adventure. This is a quick FAQ to introduce you to some useful information for taking part in your first race. If you have any other […]